In what seems like a very short space of time, Facebook advertising has become a critical component of any marketing strategy – you go where the people are. But making those ads actually work requires no small amount of planning.

Ultimately to goal is to drive traffic back to your own website in order to generate new business. And we have been enjoying this excellent summary of ‘Facebook tricks’ that can help turn ads into revenue.

While we highly recommended bookmarking the piece so you can come back to it, some of the tips that really caught our attention included:

Use a video advert

Facebook’s algorithm actively prioritizes video content. By using a video, your advert is much more likely to find its way onto people’s feed. Not only that, but it’s more engaging as a format. Statistics show that more than half of daily Facebook users watch videos on the platform every single day.

Stop selling!

Not every advert needs to be focused on sales. In fact, studies show that we tend to tune out blatant adverts. We’re so used to seeing adverts online that we automatically ignore them. Instead, look for other ways to obtain value from your advert.

‘Boost’ an existing popular post

Sometimes, we’re wary of launching an advert, because we just never know how well it will react. Will anyone click through? Will it be a waste of money? That’s why boosting an existing post is a great idea. You can pick a post that has already generated tons of shares, click-throughs, and interactions. In other words, you know it works. Now, simply boost it to reach thousands of new people.

Use a white background

Advertising experts have done thousands of tests, and concluded that white backgrounds drive more click-throughs. Why? Because, in general, it draws the eye. Web designers regularly use white space to make the main object stand out more.

Use an exact figure for pricing

Your mind processes a simple figure much faster than one with pennies. So, instead of promoting a pair of sunglasses at $14.95, promote them at $15. Don’t be afraid to round up or down in the pursuit of a better click-through rate.