Check out some surprising strategy twists from these market leading marketers

  • The Economist Snapchat Discover shows – Yes, you read that right, The Economist is on Snapchat, and has been for over a year. With over 50 editions published, each month over 7 million viewers visit The Economist’s Snapchat channel. The Economist team acknowledge the importance of getting the tone right for the audience, while remaining true to their brand of ‘trusted’ provider of information on serious topics. Snapchat is a serious contender in the social media stakes for business, with the ability to capture a huge, young audience, if you have the right strategy.
  • ABC News on Messenger – More than 250k people joined ABC news on messenger in the first year, demonstrating the phenomenal rise in the power of messenger. The ABC bot pushes news to subscribers each morning, sending notifications of major breaking news, and can be customised to cover favourite topics. The real magic of chat bots though is the ability to ask a question and get a response using artificial intelligence technology, which is challenging in the news environment. The ABC notes “the tone of our comms is vital. It needs to be conversational, not formal. It’s a platform of emojis and gifs and, where appropriate, we are embracing this. It’s another example of the need for us to offer news via the channels that people are already using.”
  • The Lily – launched by the Washington Post in July 2017 to target young women. For example, check out this ‘The Lily’ video of women, around 10 years apart in age, interviewing each other about their professional/work lives. Distribution includes Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and an email newsletter, Lily Lines. Lily is focused on beating the ‘content crowd’, with a sharp design strategy that is used consistently to generate recognition in the market. They are also experts at repackaging content for social media from the Washington Post, breaking stories down into bite size pieces and creating unique artwork to drive engagement.
  • Airbnbmag print magazine – who would’ve thought! Airbnb has joined the ranks of fellow eCommerce disrupters Net-a-Porter to launch out a hardcopy magazine. Print, if done right, can achieve longevity and collectability. It just so happens that airbnb has the ultimate distribution channel – with the millions of coffee tables located in properties accessed through airbnb each year. Interesting to see a digital powerhouse such as airbnb add to their multi-channel strategy in this way.
  • – a powerful new publication (email and website) in sports media that connects with fans on a deeper level. Note the ‘shareability’ of their content, a unique take on individual stories with a lot of heart. Shared by family, friends, colleagues and fans across all forms of social media.
  • Apple news – Apple’s app that allows you to choose your own news adventure with automated personal news curation. The power of content aggregators continues.

business2one can help you make sense of the ever-evolving digital media sphere to develop the right marketing plan for your business in 2018, utilising a multi-channel, digital strategy to reach more people and tell your story. With the right advice, it’s not as hard as you think.