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Networking for the shy at heart

Most fields of work these days require a certain amount of networking in order for you to succeed. For many, the thought of it can bring on the sweaty palms, stomach butterflies or general nausea. HuffPost has a great article on How to Network: A Guide for Introverts, learn how to make new relationships and make them count.

Harry Potter: wizards unite

Harry Potter and Pokemon have joined forces to steal away all our free time, creating a version of the augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go. Click here to find out more.

Poll your Facebook friends

If you’re naturally indecisive, need some quick advice or just fancy getting some other opinions on a topic, Facebook is rolling out it’s new Polls tool globally available on iOS, Android and desktop. It’s made it easier for you to create and customise a poll from either a personal profile or Page where you can upload images or a GIF and start getting votes on your selected topic. PC Mag has more info on the update.


Are you password savvy?

We need a password to access virtually everything these days and it can get tiring trying to be creative while at the same time being able to remember the combinations you’ve set. Or maybe you’re one of those that use the same password for everything! Gizmodo has some advice from the security experts on how to manage your passwords.

Match your Stranger Things character profile with Spotify

If you’re an addict of the cult show Stranger Things, you can now discover which character you have the most in common with based on their Spotify musical preferences. Spotify and Netflix created musical profiles that personify 13 of their lead characters. Your listening habits can then be matched to your Stranger Things character and when you share your matched playlist, you will be taken to The Upside Down. Find out how to get your fix here.

Spotify Stranger Things

Superzoom with Instagram

Now you can get dramatic with your Instagram pictures or videos. The new Superzoom feature allows you to automatically zoom in your screen with a single tap and even adds dramatic music for extra effect. Check out how to use it here and amplify the absurd.

Get your Twitter team on deck

TweetDeck now offers shared access, allowing multiple users to use an account without sharing the same password all from within the Twitter app on iOS and Android, making it easier for teams to run a social media account. Different access levels can be set by the account owner. Tech Crunch has outlined the improvements to Twitter account sharing.

How to exit with class

Being fired from your job can be one of the most emotional and stressful times for anyone. One exiting employee recently shut down Donald Trump’s Twitter account, which to most would seem to be a public service worthy of celebration, but perhaps not so attractive to any prospective employers. So instead of burning bridges read these tips on 12 things you can say when you get fired that you won’t regret.

Melbourne Cup: winning form!

If you missed seeing the best-dressed celebrities from Tuesday’s Melbourne Cup, look no further! Who doesn’t love seeing Australian celebrities wearing the very best in spring racing style?

Drive through voting anyone?

If you’re suffering from an injury or have another physical impairment which makes it difficult for you to stand in those long voting queues, the Queensland Electoral Commission is trialling drive-through polling booths for the upcoming state election. At this stage it is designed only for those with a mobility impairment, but who knows how this might expand in the future if successful. Only downside is that you’d miss out on the sausage sizzle and cake stall!

Making the most of the new 280 character limit on Twitter

So the new and improved 280 Twitter character limit was officially released this week to a mixed reaction from users. The British can always be depended upon to use their infamous sense of humour and emphasise the light-hearted side of anything. Their emergency services were no exception. See the tweet from Sussex Police below, who knew how to use the new character limit to fullest effect, with others soon to follow.Sussex Police tweet