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Follow the hashtag

Instagram has introduced the ability to follow hashtags, which you can use to follow top posts and highlights on your chosen hashtag topic. When you have selected a tag to follow, the latest posts and stories will start appearing in your feed and stories bar. This provides a whole new way of getting the kind of content you are interested in, not limited to just your friendship group or people you follow.

Improve your presentation skills

Public speaking or making a professional presentation to any audience is a daunting prospect for many. You want to maintain interest, speak with confidence and engage your audience without giving in to the nerves. Entrepeneur has some great tips with 6 ways to take your next presentation to the next level.

Need a Facebook rest?

If you’re tired of seeing too many cat photos, what somebody’s eating or baby shots in your feed, Facebook has introduced a new Snooze button which allows you to mute content from a person, page or group for 30 days without having to unfriend or unfollow someone. They won’t be able to see your posts during this time and you won’t see theirs. You will get a reminder when the month is up and it can be reversed at any time. Just in time to hide those festive photos you don’t want everyone to see perhaps?

What to look forward to in web design

We’re all thinking of the new year and what it will bring. If you’re a web designer or creator,  Forbes has asked experts in the field as to what kind of innovations and focus we can expect from next year. Check out the article – Web Design Trends 2018.

Stand out from the crowd

Pretty much all of us now have some sort of online presence through any number of social or professional profiles. But how do you control the impression you’re sending out and make it positive and memorable? Check out this infographic on the art and science behind personal branding online as a guide on how to improve how you’re being perceived.The Art and Science Behind Personal Branding Online

Sent your Christmas cards yet?

Does anybody still send or receive Christmas cards via normal post anymore and who can be organised enough to send them out in time to get there before Christmas. No, the much easier option is the online card, Lifewire have an article on the 10 best electronic Christmas card sites, keep in the good books with family and friends without the hassle.

Make your own dancing hot dog

Love it or hate it, one of the biggest crazes on Snapchat this year was the dancing hot dog. But the world of augmented reality (AR) is opening up to all with Facebook releasing it’s AR studio to all developers and Snapchat launching it’s AR developer tool for desktops. Now anyone can place imaginary 3D objects in their photos and videos to create the next social media fad.

What to do with your social media while on holiday

Everyone needs a break sometime and if you’re going away but are unsure of what to do with your social media profiles, read this article on the top 5 tips for managing your social media profiles while on vacation.

Beginner’s guide to Reddit

Reddit is a social media tool where it’s users submit links on any topic where they can then be viewed, shared and voted on by the Reddit community. Basically it’s a group of people sharing information and ideas for discussion and it reaches millions of users each day. It can seem a little confusing at first look though, so here’s an article to help explain – What is Reddit? A guide to “the front page of the internet”.

Start off your new year right with a timely song

If you want to know exactly what song to play as the clock strikes midnight this New Year’s Eve, then Twitter can come to your aid. Users have helpfully done the analysis for you and will tell you exactly what time to start a song to get the required effect at the pivotal moment. Handy tips such as if you play All Star by Smash Mouth at 11:59:40, then you’ll hear “the years start coming and they don’t stop coming” at exactly midnight, see more here. Alternatively, you could just put a ready made Spotify New Year’s playlist on and forget about it!


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