If there has been one clear game changer with the advent of the online marketplace it has been the opening up of truly global opportunities.

Whether you are running a consultancy firm or creating bespoke teapots, savvy operators now have an unheralded chance to tap into and service markets anywhere there is demand.

But as a recent infographic from Day Translations points out, to make the most of online you need to broaden your outlook and start tailoring your website content and campaigns to connect with a world of local audiences.

The numbers tell the story

  • 70 per cent of the world does not speak English
  • 90 per cent of users prefer websites in their own language as opposed to English
  • 85 per cent of customers will not make a purchase if the information is not in English

Yes, this means more time and resources need to go into your web content, but when you look at the numbers the potential upside is hard to ignore.

Before you start rolling out content, have a chat to us about whether you are making all the right moves.