Now is the time to get started on living your professional dream in 2018.

While it’s important to take some well-deserved down-time over the holidays, it’s also a great opportunity to kick-start your career progression for the coming year.

Time to:

  • Get that resume up-to-date – be concise, use dotpoints, use active voice, list accomplishments
  • Make your resume look the part – add a professional photo of yourself, artwork and examples of your work, consider using an online graphic design tool such as Canva to make your resume standout



  • Update your LinkedIn profile – use it as an online professional profile, use custom artwork, be creative, publish a few articles that demonstrate your expertise
  • Check your social media presence from an employer’s perspective – is it representing the personal brand story you want to tell?

To get started using LinkedIn in your job search:

  • Complete and update your profile
  • Find and use connections
  • Use job search options
  • Add recommendations and referrals

At business2one we also recommend the following tips for LinkedIn success:

  • Upload examples of your work to your profile, including images, videos etc
  • Be creative, make your profile standout by rearranging the layout and using custom artwork that says something about you
  • Self publish through LinkedIn to demonstrate your interests and skills

business2one has a number of affordable packages available to assist you to get your career on track for success in 2018.

LinkedIn Professional Profile writing package

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Personal branding is key to your professional success but finding the time to keep your resume and LinkedIn profile up-to-date can be challenging. Let business2one give your resume and LinkedIn profile an overhaul and bring them back to their sparkling best!